⚙️Manage a vault

Guide to manage a vault.

During the lifetime of the vault smart contract, the trader will be able to send signals in the form of a hexadecimal coded transaction (e.g. from Paraswap, 1inch or 0x API) with a uint256[] ranging from 0 to 10000 (basis points) that indicates the exposure associated with the swap transaction, for the asset traded within the vault.

There is a minimum time interval between two rebalances to prevent a malicious vault strategist from executing too many swaps.

If the swap volume is too large and costs too much in terms of price impact and slippage, the rebalancing transaction will be reverted, depending on the max loss swap tolerance.

How to rebalance a vault

As a strategist, you can change the exposure of your vault.

In your vault, you can access to a rebalance section. Here the strategist decided to have his vault at 73% on ETH and 27% on BTCB. The sum of exposition must be 100% in order to rebalance. Once you are satisfied with your strategy, you can click on "next".

On the next page a recap is visible. You can see the current exposition of your assets before the rebalancing. Then you can click on rebalance and pay for your transaction on your wallet after having read and accepted the terms and conditions.

Always make sure that you are swapping more than $1 for each swap. Otherwise, your swap will not be taken into account.

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