Depending on the configuration of the vault, it may be necessary to be KYC. If so, there will be a "KYCed vault" label on the vault.

To do so, you must go here to obtain proof of identity:

Once the KYC is completed, you will receive a ShprdKYC NFT. This is a non-transferable ERC721 token which proves that you are KYC, without revealing your identity.

No personal or confidential information is stored on the blockchain, so the sovereignty of your data is guaranteed.

KYC status

At the top right of the application, you can see the KYC status information:

  • KYC Status: User's KYC status and link to kyc.shprd.finance

  • KYC NFT: User balance and address of the NFT KYC contract. The balance will be equal to 1 if the user is KYC.

Who can mint

Shprd's KYC process is managed by decentralised protocols, approved to validate an individual's identity. Once an individual's KYC has been validated, the ShprdKYC NFT is minted automatically or, in some cases, manually if further verification actions are required.

Waiting time

Once the KYC request is made, the verification process may take a few days. Due to high demand, please be patient!


KYC verifications performed on kyc.shprd.finance are certified by Shprd's compliance team.


Synaps is a provider of digital identity services for cryptocurrencies. It allows new users to verify their identity through biometric facial authentication. Besides, Synaps has developed the decentralised identity protocol Anima, used by kyc.shprd.finance.


Anima is what we call a self-sovereign identity. It allows you to manage your digital identity yourself in a decentralised way. With Anima, you take back control of your data and your digital identity. Anima changes the paradigm, you become the sole owner of your digital identity. All the attributes that are part of your identity such as your name, date of birth or nickname are encrypted with the private key of your wallet in a decentralised storage.

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