📤Redeem in vault

Guide to redeem in a vault.

Redemption is the reverse process of deposit. The user burns his shares. If the vault has an exposure to the traded assets (i.e. it is not within 10000,0,...,0 exposures/positions), then swaps are required to redeem the user. These swap transactions are also quoted by the DEX Aggregator API and provided as call data to the function.

There is also a function redeemEach that can be used to redeem each assets in proportion to the vault positions. It might be useful if the DEX Aggregator API is down.

How to redeem

Like for a deposit you have to indicate the amount you want to redeem. Then you have to approve the amount.

After the approval you can click on redeem. After the transaction is confirmed by the blockchain you will see your funds in your wallet .

In case of an issue with the DEX aggregator, the redeem function may not work anymore. This is why you can use the redeemEach function which will allow you to redeem each asset of the vault separately.

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